Quit Genius

Founders: Dr Maroof Ahmed, Dr Sarim Siddiqui and Dr Yusuf Sherwani

Investment Lead: Ben Blume

Investment Year: 2021

HQ: New York and London

Category: Employee Wellness, Future of Work, Healthcare 

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About Quit Genius
Quit Genius is the world’s first digital clinic for treating nicotine, alcohol and opioid addictions. Built on the evidence-based practice of Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT), Quit Genius combines virtual behavioral therapy with approved medication and connected devices to help employers tackle the high cost of addiction in the workplace while improving the lives of their employees. To-date, Quit Genius has helped more than 750,000 people improve their lives and quit their addictions. The company integrates with health plans, pharmacy benefit managers and wellness platforms to deliver a turnkey implementation experience. Visit for more information.


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