The Founder's Guide to Diversity and Inclusion

Atomico and non-profit organisation Diversity VC have joined forces to launch an industry-first resource:  a practical and hands-on guide for ambitious technology entrepreneurs, that will help them build companies that have diversity and inclusion at their core.

We want to start a positive conversation around diversity and inclusion, and we want entrepreneurs to start making simple, meaningful changes today. Our goal is to empower the tech industry to take control of these issues, rather than being overwhelmed by them.

Get the toolkit here. 

Conscious Scaling

Atomico has developed Conscious Scaling, a framework for dialogue between founders and investors/the board focused on identifying and mitigating long-term risks associated with a business model or technology’s impact on society, the environment, and all stakeholders. We believe that companies that fail to successfully mitigate these risks will not realise their full potential.

Customers are demanding that companies think about social and environmental impacts — a third of global consumers are now buying from brands that are doing social or environmental good. 71% of European consumers consider living an ethical or sustainable lifestyle to be important in creating a feeling of wellbeing.

Talent — the most important ingredient of successful tech companies — is also asking companies to be more thoughtful. 28% of tech workers in the UK have seen decisions made about technology that they felt could have negative consequences for people or society. 18% left their jobs as a result.

Other studies and statistics show that consideration of social and environmental factors equal better performance. It’s clear that profit and purpose are not mutually exclusive, they’re mutually reinforcing.

We believe we can help accelerate meaningful change and progress in our industry by making the tools that we use available to the entire community. We have open-sourced a Conscious Scaling framework here.

We hope this is a step in the right direction to make future technology companies stronger and better for society; we believe that companies which are more mindful of long-term risks today will be more successful tomorrow.

The Atomico Angel Programme

We launched the Atomico Angel Programme in 2018 to activate the next generation of both underrepresented founders and potential investors and build stronger ties between Atomico and the early stage community. The diversity of the founders backed by the first two cohorts has reinforced our thesis that increasing the diversity of Europe’s investor community — including on our team — is an important prerequisite for making VC money available beyond white, male founders.

Meet the 18 participants of the 2021 Angel Programme or watch learnings from the very first cohort in the video below.